Building a cafe and roastery for £12k

When I started my first cafe in Edinburgh I had £12 000 to spend. That included the cost of the roasting machine. With the ongoing cost of the rent taken into account, I figured I had a couple of weeks in which to build the cafe before the money would run out. Then my business partner left town to go sailing in the Greek Islands for three weeks.

I’m not saying that I could do it again. I’m certainly not saying that someone could do the same today and get away with calling themselves a speciality coffee house, much less a roastery, but here’s how we went about it the first time around – warts, blisters and all.

I’ll go through the measuring up, the design, how I construct cafes today, how not to roast coffee and a few things that it would have been to good to have known before starting. You might not be able to build a cafe for £12 000 – that is just a bit more than the cost of the espresso machine that’s sitting in the same cafe now – but this should help you keep the costs down a fair bit.

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