Coffee Bench Design

The design of the coffee bench is very important for workflow. It must flow for the baristas to get the coffees out fast. The design constraints are the size of the chiller and the direction of flow. If the chiller can be located elsewhere, it frees up the design, but the barista will still need a small fridge to keep a few ready cartons of milk to hand. An icebox is another option. I’ve found that, although it takes up a lot of space, working with a fridge for milk and a freezer for ice is preferable.

Example coffee bench two group

Below is a link to a 3D rendering of the bench above. Your browser will need to support WebGL for it to work. If it doesn’t, you can find the model in the Sketchup Warehouse here.

The design above is the basic setup for a two group machine, a 1200mm chiller/freezer, knock out chute, jug rinser, filtered water tap, water filter system, bar printer and one grinder.

The design below has a three group machine and a 1500mm chiller/freezer. This is a similar set up to the one at Artisan TTDI, which goes through 60kg coffee per week.

Example coffee bench three group

Link to 3D Warehouse here.

In very high volume locations two machines can be put in together. The three group machine does the shots and the two group machine does the milk and acts as a backup should the primary machine break down. This set up works best when servers can work from the other side of the bar to pour milk and hand the coffee over to the customers.

Example coffee bench three group and two group

Link to 3D warehouse here.

Of course these are basic designs that simply work for coffee. The final design has to take into account the POS, cakes and food display and customer flow. The layout at the TTDI location, for example has a cake display at the door with more food leading up to the POS. This gives the customers a chance to decide on their food order before they reach the POS (it also provides tempting goodies en route). The coffee bench is a continuation of the POS bench and is curved in order to lead the customers to the inside seating.

IMG_7229 (1) Sm

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